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Harper Green School students work with Ground Breakers Community Garden Project to transform their community

Thursday, 7th March 2024

[Image: Harper Green School students upcycling old tyres and transforming them into painted plant pots] 

Students from Harper Green School, part of the Leverhulme Church of England and Community Trust, have been working hard with the Ground Breakers Community Garden Project, a local initiative run by the Third Space Bolton Charity, in a bid to learn lifelong practical skills and make a difference in their local community. The project is a local community collective which invites local community groups and residents to collaborate in order to help the local community to ‘start well, live well and age well together’.

Several students have worked with the team in recent years, undertaking small-scale improvement projects such as gardening and setting up bird boxes and areas for wildlife and litter clean-up efforts around the Flower Estate in Farnworth.

The most recent project is the transformation of a garden area surrounding the Alpha Centre building on the school premises. Every Wednesday afternoon the Ground Breakers Community Team have been working with groups of Harper Green School students where they’ve had the opportunity to carry out various gardening tasks, including grass cutting, hedge trimming, and creating new flower beds which involved precise measurements and the construction of wooden borders to contain fresh topsoil, followed by the planting of wildflowers, grasses, and other indigenous plants. Students also crafted bird boxes from reclaimed wood, honed their skills with power tools and gardening equipment, and engaged in team-building activities.

Ms. R. O’Donnell, Associate Deputy Headteacher at Harper Green School, commented, “Many students have taken part in the Ground Breakers Garden Project, and their hard work and positive attitude whilst learning practical skills has filled me with immense pride. Well done to each and every one of our students for their outstanding efforts.”

The ongoing partnership underscores the school's commitment to providing students with opportunities to develop practical skills in order to create a community of well-rounded students who make a difference in the world.

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