Leverhulme Academy Trust

Leverhulme Academy Trust

Harper Green School Focuses on Diversity and Inclusivity in Recent Assemblies

Wednesday, 15th May 2024

In assemblies last week, Harper Green School focused on the British values of mutual respect and tolerance in conjunction with the Harper Green values of respect and acceptance.

They focused on all areas of disability, gender, race, and religion, emphasising that everyone is different and that people are stronger together. Students were not just encouraged, but inspired, to celebrate differences and understand the reasons behind diversity, rather than mocking or fearing those who are different.

Assistant Headteacher Ms P. Holmes Patel and Associate Deputy Headteacher Ms R. O'Donnell delivered the assemblies, sharing their personal experiences of what makes them different and how they have been supported and respected during their time at Harper Green School.

Speaking about the assembly theme, Ms. O'Donnell added, "As a school, we have been celebrating diversity and challenging students to respect and understand each other's differences. We want students to understand that differences strengthen our community and that they can achieve amazing things together. Since the assembly, students and staff have approached us personally to share how the assembly impacted them and how some of them share similar differences with me."

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